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Each week we put a different NFL owner on the hot seat about why they are pushing Christian values out of America.

September 5, 2018 to Super Bowl Sunday

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Hate Group?


“The LGBT community has helped to change the definition of hate not only to cast a negative shadow on the people who disagree with them, but to persuade their allies that they are not being hateful by putting people into negative categories like bigots. Meanwhile, the LGBT community is evolving into one of the biggest hate groups in America as they teach their members that if someone disagrees with their lifestyle, it’s okay for them to be disrespectful toward them.” – Kymo Dockett

Corporate Corruption

News Headlines

Yankees to be only MLB team to never host LGBTQ pride night after Angels announce 2019 plans

All 31 NHL teams are hosting a Pride or Inclusion Night this season

Marvel Chief Says LGBT Characters Will Be Added to Films

Coalition of 400 companies fight Georgia’s proposed ‘religious liberty’ bill

NFL warns that ‘religious liberty’ bill could cost Atlanta a Super Bowl

Here Are The 379 Companies Urging The Supreme Court To Support Same-Sex Marriage

Disney & ESPN represent at the NYC Pride Parade

Sexual Violence Reports in Target Spike After Transgender Bathroom Policy: Study

Let’s stop Corporate America from corrupting young people’s minds and pushing Christian values out of America. We have a five-year plan on how the Church can stop organizations like Disney and the NFL from pushing Christian values out of our nation.

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