The Walking Dead Part 2: Disney

I am sure most of the NFL owners came into the 2016 season confident that the NFL TV ratings and the league, in general, would flourish just like it did over the years. If you have been reading my column “Faith, Family & NFL Football” for any length of time, you won’t be surprised to hear me predicting that in 2017, we will see the NFL hit another major roadblock. I believe there will be a major dispute between the NFL players and the NFL owners in 2017 that will continue to drive millions of NFL fans away like what we saw when Colin Kaepernick protested the national anthem.

The End of Disney

Beyond the NFL, please keep your eyes on Disney in 2017. This company has been one of the biggest supporters of gay rights over the years. Disney is made up of three major divisions: Movie Studio (Star Wars franchise, Marvel Movies, etc.), Theme Parks (Disneyland, Magic Kingdom Park, etc.) and Television Networks (ESPN, ABC, Disney Channels, etc.). Traditionally, ESPN has been one of Disney’s biggest sources of revenue in its TV division. Marvel movies such as Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange are some of Disney’s biggest money makers in its movie studio division. Disney World is one of Disney’s most lucrative sources of revenue as far as its theme parks are concerned.

In 2017, two things will happen to Disney that will be significant to the future of the company. The first, ESPN (one of Disney’s biggest sources of revenue) will lose a record number of subscribers during 2017. Keep in mind that over the last five years, ESPN has been losing about 300,000 subscribers a month. It was reported that ESPN lost 621,000 subscribers for the month of November 2016. This was a record number of lost subscribers for ESPN and was particularly shocking because it occurred in ESPN’s best month for programming.  Furthermore, ESPN lost another 555,000 subscribers per Nielsen in December. That means ESPN lost 1.2 Million subscribers in only two months.

“Disney, Say Yes to Queer Characters” – Daily Breast – January 19, 2016

In the months of November and December, ESPN features college football bowl games, NBA basketball, Monday Night Football and the start of the college basketball season. Typically, ESPN loses most of its subscribers in the summer when the network features monster truck racing, softball, and other low-quality content. I believe a tremendous loss in subscribers in 2017 will lead to the end of ESPN. As subscriptions decline, I believe ESPN will not be able to continue paying the over $7 billion to leagues like the NFL, NBA, and NCAA over the next couple of years.

The second major event concerning Disney in 2017 will be some type of public relations crisis that will hit one of Disney’s theme parks, causing millions of potential customers not to want to go there anymore. This public relations crisis will have something to do with poor customer service. Despite all of Disney’s efforts to fix this problem, it will only make it worse as customers will get so angry that they will begin to question Disney’s reputation. The public relations crisis will cause Disney to lose billions of dollars in revenue.

“’Finding Dory’ Trailer Hints at Disney-Pixar’s First Lesbian Couple” – Us Weekly – May 30, 2016

ESPN’s subscriber problems and the decline of the Disney’s theme park attendance will cause Disney’s stock price to hit a historical low. Many investors will lose confidence in Disney to meet their earnings expectations. Meanwhile, Disney’s movie division will continue to flourish in 2017. Disney’s movies brought in over $7 billion in ticket sales in 2016, which is a record for them. Expect Disney to have another banner year at the box office in 2017. If Disney doesn’t turn from supporting the homosexual agenda in 2017, then it will see a major decline in its movie division as well in 2018.

Sodom and Gomorrah?

You might be asking yourself, “Why would God punish Disney?” Do you know that over the years. Disney has been one of the largest supporters of the homosexual agenda? Disney has been on the forefront of the struggles for gay rights for almost 30 years. Below are four examples of how passionate Disney is about gay rights:

  1. Disney’s first annual Gay Days in 1991 has grown to become one of the largest gay pride events in the world, with over 150,000 LGBT attendees each year.
  2. Traditionally, companies have primarily given benefits to an employee’s husband or wife if the person was legally married. Since 1995, Disney has given health benefits to same-sex couples even though they were not legally married.
  3. Not only has Disney been one of the first organizations to recognize same-sex marriage, Disney has allowed same-sex wedding ceremonies at its resort since 2007.
  4. In general, Disney doesn’t do business with states, organizations or people it thinks discriminate against gays.

“Disney threatens to stop filming in Georgia if anti-gay bill becomes law” – Los Angeles Times – March 23, 2016

I believe over the years, God has observed Disney help push traditional family values out of mainstream America.  After years of grace, I’m predicting that 2017 will be a year that God will punish companies like Disney and the NFL that are willing to try to bully churches to conduct gay marriages and help influence our society into thinking that homosexuality is not a real sin.

Do gay couples make good parents?

ABC purchased ESPN in 1994 and Disney acquired ABC in 1995. Disney is the parent company of both ESPN and ABC. I believe that parenting is one of the most important jobs someone can ever take on in life. This week, I want to look at whether gay couples can make quality parents. Of the 594,000 same-sex couple households in the US, 115,000 have children. Researchers estimate the total number of children nationwide living with at least one gay parent ranges from 6 to 14 million.

There are many people within and outside the homosexual community who think homosexuals make just as good parents as heterosexuals. Can I take a moment to crush this myth? What is the number one job of a parent? Most people will say it is to make sure a child gets a quality education. If making sure a child obtains a quality education is the most important criteria to being a great parent, then yes, homosexuals make just as good parents as heterosexual parents.

“Barna: Only 3 percent of teens read Bible daily” – One News Now – August 28, 2016

I personally believe the number one job of a parent is to help a child develop a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ. If you believe that parents teaching and modeling biblical values are critical to a child’s development, you know that homosexuals don’t make the most effective parents. One of the ways parents help their kids learn about God is by modeling a biblical lifestyle. If a child doesn’t see his or her parents take the Word of God seriously, most likely that child will grow up feeling like the Bible should be just another book in his or her personal library.

Kids who grow up in a traditional family have a greater chance of accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior than with gay parents. Why? If homosexual parents try to have Bible study with their kids, then take them to a gay pride rally the next day, that child in most cases will get confused about whether the Bible is worth obeying. This same reality happens in heterosexual homes as well. If a heterosexual couple takes a child to church, but doesn’t model biblical values during the week, more than likely that child will end up rejecting God.

“Adoption Ban for Christian Foster Carers who Objected to Gay Parents” – Breitbart News – November 7, 2016

When it comes to kids, you can’t expect children to heed parents’ advice and ignore their example. This is one reason we see a generation of young people who have rejected the God of the Bible. A growing number of kids are growing up in homes where their parents have dismissed traditional family values. Since helping children live out biblical values is vastly becoming outdated, many people have accepted homosexuals as parents. If you are concerned about where people will spend eternity, this is one of the biggest reasons we need to continue to wrestle with gay marriage.

God-fearing parents tend to produce God-fearing kids. We are in trouble as a country if the number of God-fearing parents continues to decline. Organizations like Disney and the NFL want to not only push biblical values out of our society but also fundamentally change the structure of the average American home. They have a problem with a married man and woman living in a home where the Bible serves as the foundation of the family.

War on Christianity

What does the war on Christianity look like? The NCAA announced that it will not hold any men’s and women’s Final Four basketball events in a city that “discriminates” against anyone based on sexual orientation or gender identity. When the NCAA decided to boycott states that want to protect pastors from conducting gay marriages, it taught the next generation that there is absolutely nothing wrong with homosexuality and the Bible shouldn’t be taken seriously.

“NCAA Says Future Final Four Host Cities Must Have LGBT Inclusive Non-Discrimination Laws” – Human Rights Campaign – April 28, 2016

As biblical values keep getting pushed out of our society, is America aware of what has been taking the place of traditional family values? According to federal data, the number of sexually transmitted disease cases reached a record high in the United States in 2015. Of the 20 million new STD cases reported in 2015, half involved men and women between 15 to 24-years old. I bet many of the millions of young people who are getting these STDs are getting their morality from groups like the NCAA and Disney, rather than the Bible. Maybe the NCAA should stick to college sports and leave God to tell people how to live their lives.


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