The Cardinals Way?

“Cardinals Will Host Pride Night in 2017, Team Says” – Riverfront Times – June 13, 2017
Dear Bill DeWitt,
Since you are the owner of the St. Louis Cardinals (Mr. DeWitt bought the team in 1995 for $150 million from the Busch family), the Cardinals have won two World Series (2006 and 2011), four National League pennants, and eight division titles, and have made a total of 11 playoff appearances. Not only have the Cardinals been exceptional on the field, but off the field as well. For example, the Cardinals established Cardinals Care in 1997, and to date, this non-profit has distributed over $18 million designed to help needy young people around St. Louis.
I’m writing this letter both to celebrate the Cardinals’ success and voice my concerns about the announcement that the St. Louis Cardinals recently made about hosting a gay pride night at Busch Stadium. I’m not completely shocked by my hometown baseball team’s decision to cave into the social pressure the Cardinals must be under to help promote homosexuality. After years of saying no to the LGBT community, my guess is that the Cardinals organization didn’t want to be labeled as bigoted or intolerant.
“LGBT Activists Demand St. Louis Cardinals Cancel Christian Athlete’s Speech” – Heat Street – June 17, 2017
I’m sure the homosexual community had probably been asking the Cardinals hard questions, such as: Why are the Cardinals hosting Christian Day at the ballpark every year and have not held any LGBT events? I actually understand that the above question and others are the kind of questions the LGBT community often confront sports teams with. The homosexual community’s constant push for acceptance is one reason why over 40% of MLB teams currently have some celebration design to celebrate homosexuality.
The LGBT Way vs. God’s Way
Even if every single baseball team in the major leagues agrees to celebrate homosexuality, this doesn’t mean the Cardinals should jump on what seems like an out-of-control freight train as the LGBT community seem to be railroading over Christian values. One of the reasons the Cardinals have been so successful over the years is that they don’t have a “follow the crowd” mentality. There are some who credit the Cardinals’ extraordinary success to what has been coined the “Cardinals Way.”
What is the Cardinals Way? From my little understanding of the Cardinals’ organization, the Cardinals have been committed to bringing in players who have a tremendous respect for the game of baseball. Plus, the Cardinals rarely give in to a win-now approach that sacrifices their future success by wasting millions of dollars on washed-up veteran players and unwisely trading away young prospects.
Just like the Cardinals have a way of running an organization, God has a way He wants each of us to live our lives. The Cardinals give each player and coach a handbook describing, in detail, the Cardinals Way. Meanwhile, God’s ways are outlined in the Bible. According to the Bible, homosexuality is a clear example of the waywardness we often see being celebrated by a growing number of sports teams, as we often ignore the negative realities about homosexuality.
As the owner of the Cardinals, you have probably shaken your head numerous times during a losing season and wondered if your organization has lost its way. Teaching little kids that it is acceptable to have sex with any gender, and at any time they want can’t be considered progress. In my view, we didn’t carefully consider, as a society, the type of values the LGBT community is bringing to our marketplace of ideals before we accepted this lifestyle as a normal part of our society. The Cardinals and other major league baseball teams who are hosting gay pride rallies are ultimately affirming a way of life that is destroying the moral fiber of our society.
“12 LGBT Nights at MLB games during this June’s Pride Month” – Outsports – April 26, 2017
Basically, instead of learning the fundamentals of the Bible, many young people are being taught that they can live any way that they want to, and there shouldn’t be any negative repercussions. Because we live in a society where a growing number of people don’t believe that God cares about the type of life we live, we are witnessing an increasing number of young people getting sex changes, having bisexual encounters, etc. Because our society no longer endorses a clear set of values, most kids are left to figure out what lifestyle works best for them. This is one reason why teen STDs, suicides, and other problems are skyrocketing.
As the owner of the St. Louis Cardinals, you know that there needs to be a clear set of standards that every player, coach, and the general manager need to follow in order for an organization to be run successfully. If members of the Cardinals organization are not serious about following the Cardinals Way, at some point, they will become a detriment to the goals of your organization. Please ask yourself, is the Cardinals promotion of homosexuality helping or hurting God’s goals He has for every individual who enjoys a game at Busch Stadium?
Overall, the St. Louis Cardinals have consistently been an asset to the St. Louis community. Yet, if the Cardinals start to host gay pride nights, this notable franchise will become a chess pawn that the LGBT community will use to continue to help push God out of our society strategically. I get the fact that you may or may not be a Christian. Yet, even if you don’t believe in God, you and I both know it can’t be okay to tell young people to be proud to live a lifestyle that promotes sexual promiscuity.
Would the Cardinals fire a coach if the organization found out he was telling players not to hustle to first base? Of course. Why? The Cardinals understand that the direction an organization goes is a direct reflection of what people in that organization are being taught. If you believe that God is real and He has a set of standards for each of us to live by, just know that the LGBT community is encouraging each of us to rebel against God.
The LGBT community is actively forcing business owners like you to participate in a culture war you probably didn’t sign up for. Keep in mind that, what you do with this moment is more important than any trade or draft pick you will ever make. The second someone thinks it is okay for two men to get married, is the moment they stop taking the Bible seriously. As you ponder whether you will continue to support the homosexual community’s crusade against traditional family values, keep in mind that the LGBT community can hurt your business or even your reputation, but they don’t have a heaven or a hell to put you into.
The LGBT Resistance
Every organization has some type of chart describing their chain of command, including the Cardinals. If God is not on top of our personal chain of command, we will tend to make decisions that don’t align with His agenda. If you have not noticed, the LGBT community has an entirely different mission than the God of the Bible has. Keep in mind that, it is problematic when someone tries to rally around LGBT causes and attempts to be devoted to serving the God of the Bible all at the same time. Supporting both the homosexual agenda and Christianity is like if players showed up as a St. Louis Cardinal all dressed up in a Chicago Cubs uniform.
It hasn’t served our society well for the LGBT community to try to get everyone to accept their lifestyle. I’m personally a proud member of the “LGBT Resistance.” I can’t accept something that God has rejected. I don’t know about you, but rejecting the ways of God is off the table for me. Someone spending their life supporting values God detest is not a life well spent.
The Bible tells us, “There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death.” – Proverbs 14:12 Don’t be fooled, the LGBT community is not helping point people in the right direction. As we witness a generation of young people struggling to learn the difference between good and evil, I think some of the blame for the chaos we often witness in our society can often be attributed to the LGBT way. Keep in mind that, any way of life that leads people away from God is a dead end.
“Christian soccer star refuses to wear rainbow uniform promoting LGBT” – Lifesite – June 12, 2017
Mr. DeWitt, please choose today, whom you will serve. If the LGBT community is right, then support them. However, if you feel that the God of the Bible is right, then totally devote yourself to Him. Don’t let the LGBT community fool you; they tend to lead people to believe that God just accepts everyone and everything no matter what they stand for. Despite what the homosexual community may try to get you to believe, one of these days, we will all figure out that Jesus Christ is the only true way.