After the 2015 NFL season, Mr. Dockett became a disappointed ex-St. Louis Rams fan when the Rams left St. Louis and relocated to Los Angeles. He also found himself outraged when the NFL threatened Georgia because it tried to pass a bill primarily designed to protect pastors from getting sued if they refuse to perform same-sex marriages (HB757).
After weeks of prayer, Kymo started a blog where it features his weekly column about faith, family, and sports. The goal of Mr. Dockett’s weekly column is to help NFL fans understand the devastating ramifications of a world without traditional family values. About a year after starting his column, he started a petition design to help him score a meeting with Roger Goodell to talk to him about the importance of religious liberty.
Before he became a traditional family values advocate, Kymo Dockett was a freelance writer, the author of several books about culture, and the former editor of What’s the Word magazine. Kymo’s writing career has spanned over two decades, and he has used his talents to promote Gospel hip-hop and godly values. He graduated from Liberty University with a Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling–Marriage and Family.
When he is not writing or confronting sports commissioners, Mr. Dockett enjoys talking to groups about how God has helped to transform him from a womanizer into a gentleman. During such times, Kymo can often be found answering questions, such as why he has practiced a no-kissing before marriage rule for over 20 years. He is a mentor to many young men in his community in Washington D.C. You can contact him at

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