20 Reasons Why Homosexuality is Destroying America

I spent this NFL season educating people on the dangers of homosexuality and how the NFL has been exploiting the poor. Because this is my last edition of “Faith, Family & NFL Football” this season, I consider this the Super Bowl Edition. There won’t be a halftime show or any funny commercials, but plenty of useful information. I might not be able to stop the NFL from celebrating homosexuality like it did during Super Bowl 50 (Carolina Panthers 10 vs. Denver Broncos 24), but this Super Bowl Edition will help me to continue to educate the NFL about the dangers of the homosexual agenda.

  1. Young people thrive best with biological parents.

Homosexual families cause kids to grow up either without a mother or father in their home. Social science research shows that children thrive best when raised by their own biological mother and father who are committed to one another in a life-long marriage. One reason homosexuals are sinning against God is that the homosexual community often doesn’t care what a kid is missing out on not having both a mother and father in the home.

“Family structure, stability both benefit children” – Washington Times – July 20, 2016

  1. The homosexual community is becoming one of the biggest special interest groups in America.

The homosexual community has helped America to pick leaders who don’t believe that biblical values should be the center of America’s culture. The homosexual community has become one of the biggest special interest groups in America diligently lobbying government officials to pass laws that are unbiblical and that benefit homosexuals, not our society. The more the homosexual community has pushed for gay rights (special rights), the more it has pushed biblical values out of our society.

“Gay Group Demands Christian Churches Be SHUT DOWN for Opposing Same-Sex Marriage” – toprightnews.com – April 2, 2015

  1. Homosexual couples often leave a legacy that causes children to turn away from Christianity.

A child raised in a homosexual home is often less likely to have a relationship with Jesus Christ that leads them to accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior than in a home that features a traditional family committed to living by biblical standards. If parents don’t take the Word of God seriously, they often pass that same legacy down to their children. Many homosexual homes are adding to a growing problem of young people who don’t know or serve the God of the Bible.

“Millennials leaving church in droves, study finds” – CNN.com – May 14, 2015

  1. Political correctness is taking over America as Americans are being pushed to accept homosexuality.

Because the LGBT community often feels rejected, this has caused many homosexuals to believe that people who have high moral standards are practicing bigotry if they disagree with their lifestyle. Partly because of homosexuality, there is a new level of political correctness in our society where people don’t tolerate others with different viewpoints as them. Ultimately, homosexuality has helped to divide America as people are often demonized if they try to live by a value system that rejects homosexuality.

“Bigotry? Hatred? Christians say they’re tired of being made into the bad guys” – religionnews.com – November 23, 2015

  1. Gay pastors and leaders are helping to water down the Church.

Both nonbelievers and believers often don’t take Christianity seriously when gay pastors and leaders are allowed within the Church. If the Church doesn’t take the Bible’s position on homosexuality seriously, it sends the wrong message that the Bible shouldn’t be obeyed. If the Church doesn’t obey the Bible, how can it teach the world the importance of obeying God’s Word?

“Gay Pastors to Defy God’s Law by Begging Church Leaders to Go Against Morality” – Charisma News – August 23, 2016

  1. Bisexuality helps to lower the moral standards of a nation.

Bisexuality is currently helping to further the ongoing moral decline of this nation. For instance, when you tell young people that it is okay to sleep with whatever gender they feel like, this helps to turn sex in their minds into a meaningless experience that is not to be saved for marriage. Because of a lack of values, we are seeing a sexual free-for-all where a growing number of people are making up their own rules about sex to fit their sexual appetite.

“America May Be Heading Into an STD Epidemic and Gay and Bi Men Are Going to Be the Hardest Hit” – Slate – January 16, 2017

  1. America is currently losing God’s favor as a nation partly because of homosexuality.

As America continues to embrace the homosexual agenda, it will invite God’s wrath over this nation. Whether the lack of fathers in homes, the skyrocketing amount of STDs or the many other unintended consequences of rejecting biblical values, we are slowly seeing our society crumble. Many in the homosexual community currently are fooling many Americans to believe that we don’t need to build this country based on a biblical foundation.

“12 Signs America is On the Decline” – Sri Lanka Guardian – November 15, 2016

  1. Homosexuals often ignore God’s intelligent design in terms of how God created men and women.

God designed men and women with the ability to complement each other and enjoy one another as they build a life and family together. Many in the homosexual community are trying to redefine what is natural. As we are getting away from developing natural relationships designed by God, we will continue to ignore God’s great handy work in not only how He created human beings but also how He created this planet.

 “No Scientific Evidence That People Are Born Gay or Transgender” – Christian Post – August 22, 2016

  1. The Bible doesn’t make it abundantly clear whether those practicing homosexuals are saved even though they profess that they are Christians.

The Bible tells us, “Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling” (Philippians 2:12). I often wonder if a person is saved if he or she will continue living a sinful lifestyle like homosexuality even after asking Jesus Christ into his or her heart. At the end of the day, what do you want me to tell you about homosexuality: Just live whatever lifestyle you want to live and the gates of heaven will be wide open for you if you follow John 3:16?

“35 Important Bible Verses About Homosexuality And Being Gay” – biblereasons.com – January 24, 2016

  1. Some homosexuals are adding to and subtracting from the Word of God.

The homosexual community has often tried to demean the credibility of the Bible. They feel that God has rejected them, so they not only reject the Bible but often want others to do the same. The homosexual community has even tried to change the Bible to make it seem like God is okay with homosexuality. Partly because of the homosexual community, the Bible is losing credibility in our society.

“Author writing a ‘radical queer’ Bible with gay relationship and gender-flipped prophets” – Pink News – March 7, 2016

  1. Legalizing gay marriage encourages other groups to legally explore their unhealthy sexual passions.

Have you noticed we are becoming more and more accepting as a nation of different sinful lifestyles? Because of our acceptance, soon a group of people will try to fight to legalize having sex with kids. As we continue to embrace different lifestyles, we will see different groups coming forward looking to be accepted because we are pushing out the Bible as the cornerstone of our society.

“Sex Workers Demand Meeting With Gov. Brown On Legalizing Prostitution” – sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com – October 28, 2016

  1. Homosexuality is helping to destroy traditional marriage.

Fewer people are getting married and there are a growing number of people who have no clue how to function in a traditional marriage. In the past, it was a parent’s job to model good habits of a successful spouse and show their children how to function in a marriage. As homosexual families continue to try to take over the marriage setting, there will be fewer couples who will be able to train the next generation on how to be good husbands and wives inside of a traditional marriage.

“U.S. marriage rate hits new low and may continue to decline” – deseretnews.com – May 20, 2015

  1. Homosexuality is a form of genocide.

To have kids, the LGBT community is currently doing some unsafe things like experimenting with ways for men to have babies. Keep in mind, it has been the heterosexual community that has populated the earth for thousands of years. Homosexuality can be viewed as a form of genocide because homosexual couples can’t have babies naturally.

“Massachusetts transgender man gives birth to baby boy” – International Business Times AU – November 20, 2016

  1. The homosexual community is making it harder for Christians to practice their faith.

The homosexual community has successfully redefined what it means to be discriminated against. For instance, there are some in the LGBT community who are trying to sue churches because some pastors don’t want to conduct gay marriages. Because the homosexual community is successfully convincing America that they are being discriminated against, it is going to get harder for Christians to live out their faith.

“Pastor Sues Government Over Claims He Was Fired For Sermons On Homosexuality” – Daily Caller – April 20, 2016

  1. The homosexual community uses pride as its central theme.

The Bible tells us that God hates pride. Yet, the homosexual community has chosen to use pride as its theme, even though the Bible makes it clear that being a homosexual is nothing to be proud of. As homosexuals work towards validation, it is almost like they are trying to prove to themselves that God was wrong about homosexuality.

“Protesters ‘decorate’ Jerusalem chief rabbi’s office with gay pride flag” – The Times of Israel – November 22, 2016

  1. Homosexuals are redefining what sin really is.

I believe that God wants each of us to spend our lives overcoming different temptations designed to destroy our lives. The world is becoming a worse place because more people than ever are falling to ungodly temptations that are producing a growing number of pedophiles, people who participate in bestiality and all types of ungodly lifestyles. Because the LGBT community is trying to teach us that homosexuality and other temptations are not sins, there are a growing number of people engaging in all types of unhealthy lifestyles.

“Exposed: Young children making fetish videos for pedophiles in plain sight on YouTube” – 9news.com.au – December 6, 2016

  1. Homosexuality has helped to redefine what a good man or woman is in our society.

When men stop acting like men and women stop acting like women, the opposite sex begins to simply use each other for sex and companionship. People are often attracted to the opposite sex for particular reasons. For example, women love a man with a steady job and men love women who are respectful. A growing number of people are only offering sex and companionship instead of learning to meet the relationship needs of the opposite sex. The homosexual community helped to create the friends-with-benefits culture by pushing for a unisex society where a growing number of people stop learning to meet the needs of the opposite sex.

“Why have so many men stopped working?” – cnn.com – September 11, 2015

  1. People supporting the homosexual agenda are on the wrong side of history.

People supporting the homosexual agenda will leave a legacy of promoting ungodly values. If we support homosexuality, we will give an account on judgment day to God as to why we supported an ungodly lifestyle. Just because something is socially acceptable, doesn’t mean it is morally right.

“American Christians cave on core beliefs” – WND.com – October 29, 2016

  1. The once primarily heterosexual society is quickly declining as homosexuality takes over.

A homosexual and heterosexual society can’t coexist with each other in the same society. Sooner or later, one will overpower the other one. Whether mixed-sex bathrooms, the death of traditional marriage or the right to call homosexuality a sin, we will continue to see a growing number of changes in our society to the point where we won’t be able to recognize a once thriving heterosexual society.

 “South Dakota to consider transgender lock room bill” – The Capitol Journal – January 25, 2017

  1. God made each of us on purpose, with a purpose, and for His purposes.

When people have sex changes, they either don’t believe God made them as male or female for a reason or feel like God made a mistake when He created them. Transgenders often either don’t care or believe that they were uniquely made to accomplish a purpose while they are on this earth. Ultimately, sex changes often make it harder for people to become who God created them to be.

“Feds forcing doctors to perform sex changes on kids” – One News Now – November 11, 2016

The Walking Dead Part 1: ESPN

Each of us will either use the platforms we have been given to promote ungodliness or biblical values. Did you know that ESPN is clearly using their massive platform to help push God out of mainstream America? For example, during its annual ESPY Awards in 2014 and 2015, ESPN decided to give courage awards to Michael Sam and Bruce Jenner because one is gay and the other had a sex change. This is not surprising since ESPN has actively promoted the homosexual agenda.

ESPN has had a historic run as the best sports network ever. I believe that God is currently punishing some organizations that have decided to promote the homosexual agenda. Consequently, ESPN is among the walking dead: Companies that are under God’s judgment that will collapse in the next couple of years for promoting ungodly values.

“ESPN Loses 621,000 Subscribers; Worst Month In Company History” – Outkick the Coverage – October 29, 2016

I also believe ESPN is a critical piece of the puzzle in terms of how God will bring judgment to the sports world for its part in promoting the homosexual agenda. When ESPN goes out of business, this could be devastating to the sports world. For example, ESPN gives the NFL $1.9 billion each year to televise Monday Night Football. That almost $2 billion represents about 15 percent of what the NFL will take in during the 2016 season (the NFL is projected to make about $13 billion 2016).

What about the NBA, has it been promoting the homosexual agenda as well? Did you know ESPN pays the NBA $1.73 billion a year for the rights to televise its games? The $5.2 billion in revenue NBA teams generated in 2015 was a record. So nearly 25 percent of the NBA’s total revenue comes from ESPN. Let’s not forget about the NCAA? ESPN also gives them over a billion dollars each year to televise this league’s events and games as well.

“NBA, WNBA Are First Pro Sports Leagues to March in NYC LGBT Pride Parade” – Washington Post – June 7, 2016

As you can see, sports leagues like the NBA and college basketball are making billions of dollars off TV revenues. How else do you think the NBA can afford to pay players like Timofey Mozgov of Los Angeles Lakers a four-year deal worth $64m? So, when money from television dries up, so will the revenues of most of these leagues.

ESPN’s Long-Term Contracts

Rights Years of Expiration Cost Per Year
Monday Night Football 2021 $1.9 Billion
NBA 2025 $1.73 billion
Major League Baseball 2021 $700 million
College Football Playoff 2026 $470 million
Big Ten 2023 $190 million
Big 12 2025 $100 million
ACC 2036 $155 million
Pac-12 2023 $112 million
SEC 2023 $80 million

Data from fool.com

“Millennials are over watching sports on TV” – Messenger Inquirer – November 26, 2016

Why are TV networks like ESPN disappearing? Millennials are abandoning cable TV as a group. When cable TV goes away, this will seriously hurt the sports industry. Here are three reasons why Millennials will help crash the cable TV and sports industry very soon:

  1. I believe that millennials have a deep belief that things like music, movies, and following sports should be free. So, a Millennial would much rather buy a big screen TV to watch their favorite team play than spend thousands of dollars for a season ticket.
  2. There are a growing number of options for entertainment other than cable TV (Netflix, Hulu, social media, etc.). The average Netflix subscription is $7.99. Meanwhile, the average cable bill is $99.10.
  3. Millennials are not loyal to hometown teams like the previous generations have been, especially, if their hometown team is losing. So, most Millennials won’t watch or pay to see a losing team.

I believe not only will ESPN collapse but also other sources of TV revenue leagues that the NBA have counted on for years will dry up as Millennials continue to turn their backs on traditional TV. Just like ESPN won’t be able to pay the outrageous prices it cost to televise NFL and NBA games, I believe cable networks like TNT will face similar problems. If almost half of the NBA’s revenue comes from cable TV networks, can it survive if almost half its revenue is gone?

“ESPN Fires Curt Schilling Over Anti-Transgender Post” – Deadline – April 20, 2016

Yes, if ESPN falls, it will help bring down the sports world with it. Below are four things that have helped to shape ESPN’s legacy as we see how devastating the fall of ESPN would be to the sports world:

  1. ESPN helped many professional sports athletes get mega contracts.

Have you noticed that the amount of money professional athletes get paid has skyrocketed over the years? Andrew Luck is the highest paid player in the NFL. He currently earns an average of $24.5 million a year. Joe Montana and other elite quarterbacks during the early ‘90s typically made about $3 million a year. Troy Aikman was once the highest paid quarterback when the Dallas Cowboys signed him to an eight-year deal for $50 million dollars in 1993.

Skyrocketing players’ salaries is currently happening in the NBA as well. During most of Michael Jordan’s NBA career, he only made about $2 million dollars a year in salary. In Jordan’s 17-year career, he made a total of about $94 million. It was not until near the end of Jordan’s career that he started to see his salary jump. Chicago did give Jordan a one-year deal worth $33 million in 1997. In 2016, there were 29 players in the NBA who make over $20 million a year in salary.

Are the fans spending more money to see their favorite teams play than what they used to? Yes. But the amount fans pay for a ticket to a game can’t explain the fact that Andrew Luck makes an average of $20 million more a year than what Joe Montana made. If you track the amount of money the different sports leagues earn in TV revenue, you will have a clear picture why professional athletes make so much money.

“Report: NFL salary cap could reach $153.4M in 2016, up from $143.28M” – CBSSports.com – December 4, 2015

ESPN pours billions of dollars each year into sports leagues for the rights to broadcast their games. For example, in 2017, ESPN will spend $7.3 billion on content—more than any source, then Netflix ($6bn), NBC ($4.3bn), CBS ($4bn) & Amazon ($3.2bn). Most of the money ESPN is spending on content is going to sports leagues like the NFL and NBA. The NFL uses some of the money it earns from ESPN and other TV networks to pay players like Andrew Luck. If ESPN were to collapse, many players would have to take a huge pay cut.

  1. ESPN has helped to drive up the price of televising NFL games.

The NFL makes billions of dollars from the rights to broadcast its games. Why?  There are numerous TV networks willing to pay big bucks to televise the NFL. Some networks like ESPN have been willing to pay more than others. Let’s look at the history of Monday Night Football (MNF), with the goal to help you understand just how much ESPN has helped the NFL’s TV revenue grow.

The ABC TV network started broadcasting MNF in 1970. At the beginning of MNF, ABC paid the NFL $8.5 million per season. When ABC finished broadcasting MNF in 2005, it was paying the NFL $550 million per season.

“ESPN Pays Top Dollar for Football, but Audience Isn’t Buying” – New York Times – November 28, 2016

When ESPN took over Monday Night Football from ABC, it started paying the NFL $1.1 billion a year to televise MNF—twice the amount of what ABC was paying.  In ESPN’s second contract with the NFL, which it signed in 2011, ESPN agreed to pay the NFL $1.9 billion a year to broadcast MNF. Over the last 10 years, the price to broadcast MNF has nearly tripled since ESPN has taken over MNF. ESPN’s reckless spending has been the number one reason why sports leagues have been able to make so much money over the last couple of years off of television revenue.

  1. ESPN set the new standard in sports journalism.

Before ESPN, sports on TV was usually reduced to 5 to 10-minute segments on the evening news. ESPN pretty much invented sports shows that helped to better engage sports fans. Shows like First Take (Skip Bayless vs Stephen A. Smith) and Pardon the Interruption (Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon) have taken sports talk shows to a new level. Sports fans also appreciated ESPN’s shows like E60 and Outside the Lines. ESPN gave sports fans a fresh and new look at sports beyond what we see on the field.

“First Take to Move From ESPN2 to ESPN in Effort to Stop Falling Ratings” – New York Times – November 28, 2016

  1. ESPN helped sports fans to have more choices when watching sporting events.

If you grew up before the early ‘80s, then, you probably remember only being given a chance to watch a couple of sporting events on the weekends. Thanks to ESPN, sports fans have plenty of sports to watch almost every day of the year. For instance, college football fans can sit on their couch for most of December and a couple of weeks in January and enjoy bowl games almost every day. Thirty years ago, college football bowl games were mostly on TV during New Year’s Day. If ESPN was not around anymore, most sports leagues would have less opportunity to promote their products to sports fans.

“NCAA caps number of bowl games at 41 for next three years” – usatoday.com – April 12, 2016

History Makers

This week, we are looking at how ESPN has made history, and I also want to take a brief look at the history of the gay rights movement. No one knows who the first gay man or woman was. We can only guess where homosexuality started. But the gay rights movement has been well documented, as millions of people have fought to see homosexuality become socially accepted in this country.

The gay rights movement has been around for over a hundred years. One of the biggest names in the movement is a gay rights activist by the name of Harry Hay. In 1951, Mr. Hay started the first national gay rights organization called the Mattachine Society. Since then, there have been numerous organizations designed to further gay rights. These organizations have had several victories that have helped to further gay rights. Of course, the gay community’s biggest victory was when the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage in 2015.

“ESPN Hires Lesbian Hillary Supporter Abby Wambach After Firing Curt Schilling Over Transgender Views” – christianpost.com – May 6, 2016

We have also seen gays who have made history. For example, Michael Sam will go down in the history books as the first openly gay professional football player. You probably know that February is Black History Month. Did you know that October is considered Gay History Month in America?

Wrong Side of History

One day, those who have spent their lives fighting for gay rights will figure out that they were on the wrong side of history. One of the worst things a person can do is come to the end of his life and find out that he promoted something that is against God’s ideals. The truth is, even though we are a part of history, few people will make history. I would rather just be a part of history than make the wrong type of history.

“California to Add LGBT Rights Movement to Public School Curriculum” – ATTN – July 18, 2016

Harry Hay, who became one of the first well-known nationwide gay rights activists, will have his name mentioned in a lot of history books. There are probably millions of people who love and respect Mr. Hay for what he accomplished as a gay rights activist. The question is whether the God of the Bible in heaven is celebrating Mr. Hay and others who have been a part of the gay rights movement.  Just because homosexuality has become socially acceptable does not mean that someone promoting it is on the right side of history. There are plenty of people who have made history but have been on the wrong side of it.

Do you think George Wallace, the former governor of Alabama during the Civil Rights Movement, wished he could go back in time and change his place in history? At the time, segregating Blacks in the South from Whites was socially acceptable but morally wrong. Despite what you think about homosexuality, it is socially acceptable, but the Bible tells us it is morally wrong.

You might be saying to yourself, “Is it true that discrimination of any kind is morally wrong?” I can agree with that to an extent. Should Michael Sam be able to play in the NFL or do any type of job he is qualified to do? No question. Should he be able to get married to another man? Absolutely not!  I am not discriminating against gays if I don’t believe in gay marriage. I am simply upholding a moral standard laid out in the Bible.

“Sports Writer Calls Gay Marriage Proposal During Bulls Game a ‘Groundbreaking Moment in Sports’” – Breitbart News – December 10, 2016

History books nowadays tend to favor people who did what was socially acceptable. God will partly judge our lives based on the decisions we made that were morally right. We all must decide what side of history we want to be in terms of homosexuality. ESPN will go down in history as a great sports network, but on the wrong side of history as far as promoting the homosexual agenda is concerned. Ultimately, God determines who is on the right or wrong side of history, not someone writing a history book.

NFL’s Broken Legacy?

I get the fact that the NFL and ESPN want to be remembered for fighting against discrimination. It has become common for people to stand up for gay rights with the idea that they are improving our society, which has often tolerated discrimination. Yet, in standing up for gay rights, ESPN and the NFL are forfeiting a great opportunity to honor God with the huge platforms they have been given. Keep in mind that one can’t promote biblical values and homosexuality at the same time. The NFL and ESPN have chosen to do what is popular and not what is right.

“Teen stands up against transgender students in locker room” – lehighvalleylive.com – August 24, 2016

One day when we read about the NFL in history books, what will historians say about this league? I wouldn’t blame people if they were to focus on things like, “Who was the greatest quarterback ever?” or debate, “What was the greatest team of all time?” In view, entertainment wise, the NFL has been a valuable asset. Yet, the most profitable sports league ever is currently working towards becoming the least valuable league when it comes to its worth to this nation. Mr. Goodell, do you think the NFL is leaving behind the type of legacy God can be proud of? If the NFL doesn’t change, history books may be kind to the NFL, but God won’t be.

The Walking Dead Part 2: Disney

I am sure most of the NFL owners came into the 2016 season confident that the NFL TV ratings and the league, in general, would flourish just like it did over the years. If you have been reading my column “Faith, Family & NFL Football” for any length of time, you won’t be surprised to hear me predicting that in 2017, we will see the NFL hit another major roadblock. I believe there will be a major dispute between the NFL players and the NFL owners in 2017 that will continue to drive millions of NFL fans away like what we saw when Colin Kaepernick protested the national anthem.

The End of Disney

Beyond the NFL, please keep your eyes on Disney in 2017. This company has been one of the biggest supporters of gay rights over the years. Disney is made up of three major divisions: Movie Studio (Star Wars franchise, Marvel Movies, etc.), Theme Parks (Disneyland, Magic Kingdom Park, etc.) and Television Networks (ESPN, ABC, Disney Channels, etc.). Traditionally, ESPN has been one of Disney’s biggest sources of revenue in its TV division. Marvel movies such as Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange are some of Disney’s biggest money makers in its movie studio division. Disney World is one of Disney’s most lucrative sources of revenue as far as its theme parks are concerned.

In 2017, two things will happen to Disney that will be significant to the future of the company. The first, ESPN (one of Disney’s biggest sources of revenue) will lose a record number of subscribers during 2017. Keep in mind that over the last five years, ESPN has been losing about 300,000 subscribers a month. It was reported that ESPN lost 621,000 subscribers for the month of November 2016. This was a record number of lost subscribers for ESPN and was particularly shocking because it occurred in ESPN’s best month for programming.  Furthermore, ESPN lost another 555,000 subscribers per Nielsen in December. That means ESPN lost 1.2 Million subscribers in only two months.

“Disney, Say Yes to Queer Characters” – Daily Breast – January 19, 2016

In the months of November and December, ESPN features college football bowl games, NBA basketball, Monday Night Football and the start of the college basketball season. Typically, ESPN loses most of its subscribers in the summer when the network features monster truck racing, softball, and other low-quality content. I believe a tremendous loss in subscribers in 2017 will lead to the end of ESPN. As subscriptions decline, I believe ESPN will not be able to continue paying the over $7 billion to leagues like the NFL, NBA, and NCAA over the next couple of years.

The second major event concerning Disney in 2017 will be some type of public relations crisis that will hit one of Disney’s theme parks, causing millions of potential customers not to want to go there anymore. This public relations crisis will have something to do with poor customer service. Despite all of Disney’s efforts to fix this problem, it will only make it worse as customers will get so angry that they will begin to question Disney’s reputation. The public relations crisis will cause Disney to lose billions of dollars in revenue.

“’Finding Dory’ Trailer Hints at Disney-Pixar’s First Lesbian Couple” – Us Weekly – May 30, 2016

ESPN’s subscriber problems and the decline of the Disney’s theme park attendance will cause Disney’s stock price to hit a historical low. Many investors will lose confidence in Disney to meet their earnings expectations. Meanwhile, Disney’s movie division will continue to flourish in 2017. Disney’s movies brought in over $7 billion in ticket sales in 2016, which is a record for them. Expect Disney to have another banner year at the box office in 2017. If Disney doesn’t turn from supporting the homosexual agenda in 2017, then it will see a major decline in its movie division as well in 2018.

Sodom and Gomorrah?

You might be asking yourself, “Why would God punish Disney?” Do you know that over the years. Disney has been one of the largest supporters of the homosexual agenda? Disney has been on the forefront of the struggles for gay rights for almost 30 years. Below are four examples of how passionate Disney is about gay rights:

  1. Disney’s first annual Gay Days in 1991 has grown to become one of the largest gay pride events in the world, with over 150,000 LGBT attendees each year.
  2. Traditionally, companies have primarily given benefits to an employee’s husband or wife if the person was legally married. Since 1995, Disney has given health benefits to same-sex couples even though they were not legally married.
  3. Not only has Disney been one of the first organizations to recognize same-sex marriage, Disney has allowed same-sex wedding ceremonies at its resort since 2007.
  4. In general, Disney doesn’t do business with states, organizations or people it thinks discriminate against gays.

“Disney threatens to stop filming in Georgia if anti-gay bill becomes law” – Los Angeles Times – March 23, 2016

I believe over the years, God has observed Disney help push traditional family values out of mainstream America.  After years of grace, I’m predicting that 2017 will be a year that God will punish companies like Disney and the NFL that are willing to try to bully churches to conduct gay marriages and help influence our society into thinking that homosexuality is not a real sin.

Do gay couples make good parents?

ABC purchased ESPN in 1994 and Disney acquired ABC in 1995. Disney is the parent company of both ESPN and ABC. I believe that parenting is one of the most important jobs someone can ever take on in life. This week, I want to look at whether gay couples can make quality parents. Of the 594,000 same-sex couple households in the US, 115,000 have children. Researchers estimate the total number of children nationwide living with at least one gay parent ranges from 6 to 14 million.

There are many people within and outside the homosexual community who think homosexuals make just as good parents as heterosexuals. Can I take a moment to crush this myth? What is the number one job of a parent? Most people will say it is to make sure a child gets a quality education. If making sure a child obtains a quality education is the most important criteria to being a great parent, then yes, homosexuals make just as good parents as heterosexual parents.

“Barna: Only 3 percent of teens read Bible daily” – One News Now – August 28, 2016

I personally believe the number one job of a parent is to help a child develop a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ. If you believe that parents teaching and modeling biblical values are critical to a child’s development, you know that homosexuals don’t make the most effective parents. One of the ways parents help their kids learn about God is by modeling a biblical lifestyle. If a child doesn’t see his or her parents take the Word of God seriously, most likely that child will grow up feeling like the Bible should be just another book in his or her personal library.

Kids who grow up in a traditional family have a greater chance of accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior than with gay parents. Why? If homosexual parents try to have Bible study with their kids, then take them to a gay pride rally the next day, that child in most cases will get confused about whether the Bible is worth obeying. This same reality happens in heterosexual homes as well. If a heterosexual couple takes a child to church, but doesn’t model biblical values during the week, more than likely that child will end up rejecting God.

“Adoption Ban for Christian Foster Carers who Objected to Gay Parents” – Breitbart News – November 7, 2016

When it comes to kids, you can’t expect children to heed parents’ advice and ignore their example. This is one reason we see a generation of young people who have rejected the God of the Bible. A growing number of kids are growing up in homes where their parents have dismissed traditional family values. Since helping children live out biblical values is vastly becoming outdated, many people have accepted homosexuals as parents. If you are concerned about where people will spend eternity, this is one of the biggest reasons we need to continue to wrestle with gay marriage.

God-fearing parents tend to produce God-fearing kids. We are in trouble as a country if the number of God-fearing parents continues to decline. Organizations like Disney and the NFL want to not only push biblical values out of our society but also fundamentally change the structure of the average American home. They have a problem with a married man and woman living in a home where the Bible serves as the foundation of the family.

War on Christianity

What does the war on Christianity look like? The NCAA announced that it will not hold any men’s and women’s Final Four basketball events in a city that “discriminates” against anyone based on sexual orientation or gender identity. When the NCAA decided to boycott states that want to protect pastors from conducting gay marriages, it taught the next generation that there is absolutely nothing wrong with homosexuality and the Bible shouldn’t be taken seriously.

“NCAA Says Future Final Four Host Cities Must Have LGBT Inclusive Non-Discrimination Laws” – Human Rights Campaign – April 28, 2016

As biblical values keep getting pushed out of our society, is America aware of what has been taking the place of traditional family values? According to federal data, the number of sexually transmitted disease cases reached a record high in the United States in 2015. Of the 20 million new STD cases reported in 2015, half involved men and women between 15 to 24-years old. I bet many of the millions of young people who are getting these STDs are getting their morality from groups like the NCAA and Disney, rather than the Bible. Maybe the NCAA should stick to college sports and leave God to tell people how to live their lives.