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August 18, 2018
Playing Out of Position
September 4, 2018

Dear Martha Ford,

When I think about Detroit, I often think about the automobile industry. Producing cars has always been a big part of Detroit’s identity. I guess it is appropriate that a member of the Ford family owns the Detroit Lions. Speaking of identity, when I see someone walking down the street, one of the first things I notice about him or her is if they are male or female. Have you noticed that there is a massive growing number of people that don’t want to be identified with the two traditional genders? Actually, some people will get offended if you try to define their gender. You might be wondering what the big deal is if someone doesn’t want to be identified as a male or female?

I believe that one of the reasons why God created us as males and females is because He wanted each gender to play a particular role in developing our society. Therefore, if someone is born a male, his father is supposed to show him the responsibilities of a man, and if a child is born a female, her mother is supposed to teach her the duties of becoming an ideal woman from a biblical perspective. As a child grows, he/she is supposed to learn things that are important and relevant to who he/she eventually become later in life, such as how to play a role in successfully raising a family of their own, how to be a productive member of a community and the society at large and the proper way on how to relate to God.


Bill Belichick has been the coach of the New England Patriots for the last eighteen seasons. During this same period, Detroit has had eight different head coaches.

As gender roles change, so has the concept of family and the community. A growing number of young people are watching their parents and the people in their community play unhealthy roles that God never intended for us to play at all, and this has grossly affected the large mass of the young populace. This is one of the reasons for example why a growing number of men won’t get a job. Many of them don’t have positive role models in their life to teach them norms and values, and the reason why a man is supposed to work.

Partially because of the decline in gender roles, we also have a vast number of grown men acting like boys helping to manage many communities. When a male doesn’t understand the role that they are supposed to play within a given community, they will take little responsibility in helping to maintain peace and serenity in the community. Likewise, a woman will provide little help in maintaining a healthy home if she fails to embrace what God has designed her for.

Despite what the LGBT community wants you to believe, traditional gender roles have been crucial in keeping both families and communities together. So, what will happen if we let traditional gender roles get wiped out by the LGBT community? It will be exactly the same thing that is happening to the Detroit Lions as they struggle with mediocrity. I believe that one of the reasons why the Detroit Lions have been one of the worst franchises in the NFL is because you guys have constantly switched head coaches and it ended up destabilizing the team.

Bill Belichick has been the coach of the New England Patriots for the last eighteen seasons. During this same period, Detroit has had eight different head coaches. One of the major challenges that come with Detroit changing coaches is that it must be hard for a team to thrive when they keep changing their identity or culture every couple of years that passes by. When a team brings in a new head coach, things like the playbook and defensive philosophy often changes and at the long run may hamper the performance of the team. In the same vein, it is hard for a community to thrive when that community is full of people who never have been properly taught and orientated on how to play a positive role in the success of a community.

If it takes a village to raise a child, what happens when half the village raises a child to act like a woman and the other half raises that same child to act like a man?

Just like you need your veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford to show the young players how to be good professional NFL players, every child needs a “village” to show them what role they were designed to play in life while moving in God’s direction. Just like if Matthew Stafford is continuously late to practice, this will permit rookies to be late to practice as well. I believe each of us is responsible not only in playing a part in the success of our society, but we should also be showing others what role they are supposed to be playing.

A child often becomes what they see around them. Therefore, if a child grows up watching people reject traditional gender roles, they most likely will adopt a role that will often lead them to be a negative role model within their community. One reason why we need roles is that they tell us what we are responsible for each moment in time. Have you noticed that the transgender community is adding to the confusion of what role people are supposed to play in our nation?

The success or failure of the Detroit Lions this year will depend on how well the Lions play their individual roles both on and off the field of play. Many urban communities are in the same situation as the Loins. There are a growing number of cities and families collapsing because people are not properly playing the role that they were meant to play.

Cities like Chicago and Baltimore are hurting because of a lack of role models within many communities.

When the NFL supports alternative lifestyles, you are helping to open kid’s minds to roles in life that will become detrimental to their community. We all are selfish by nature as human beings. When we encourage people to pick a role that they want to play in our society, at some point the village won’t  contribute in raising the kids properly because many in the village were not properly raised themselves.

Most transgenders will spend their lives trying to figure out their role in this society. If a child looks up to a transgender, what role is that child learning to play? Just like this will be a long season if the Lions struggle to learn the new roles under a new head coach, our society will continue to decline if we don’t show young people the roles that they were really designed to play.

Kymo Dockett
Kymo Dockett
Once a huge football fan, Kymo Dockett launched an awareness campaign in the summer of 2016 designed to teach the NFL the importance of traditional family values when he found out that the NFL has been fighting against religious liberty bills. Kymo Dockett is passionate about helping people see that biblical values should be the moral foundation of America.