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July 31, 2018
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July 31, 2018

Dear Bob McNair,

I decided to write you a letter. Why? If the NFL ever does something stupid like continuing to work to pass laws that could lead to the Bible being banned in this nation, the NFL owner I will blame the most will be you, Bob McNair (Houston Texans). Why? Because you once fought for the good guys. Now, you seem to be fighting for the wrong team.

“Texans owner Bob McNair rescinds contribution to anti-HERO group” – Chron, October 23, 2015

Back in 2015, you seemed as if you wanted to help stop the LGBT community from destroying our society when you donated $10,000 to help defeat the bill HERO. I’m sure you vividly remember when Houston was trying to pass this awful piece of legislation that would have allowed men to use a women’s bathroom. Initially, you wisely joined the fight to help to defeat this bill. Out of nowhere, you withdrew your support and donation. Then you sent out a bogus statement about how discrimination of any kind shouldn’t be tolerated.

I often wondered, “What did your colleagues tell you that cause you to back down from helping to defeat HERO?” Did Roger Goodell (NFL commissioner) threaten to take your team away or did someone like Jerry Jones (Dallas Cowboys) remind you about the billions of dollars you might cost the NFL? Meanwhile, the NFL has piled up quite the body count as far as the number of religious liberty bills the NFL has helped to kill.

Do you remember a bill called HB 757, “the Pastor Protection Act,” a measure giving clergy the right to refuse to perform same-sex weddings in Georgia? In 2016, Arthur Blank (Atlanta Falcons) warned that this bill would have a “long-lasting negative impact on our state and the people of Georgia.” In other words, Mr. Blank was informing us that the NFL will continue to help bully anyone who plans to stop them from trying to push biblical values out of this nation. Maybe if you had stood firm against HERO, NFL owners like Arthur Blank would have never got into the religious liberty fighting business.

“The NFL Continues To Strongly Advocate Against Anti-Gay Legislation” – Forbes, March 21, 2016

The thing I like about you the most is that you come across as a person who doesn’t care about what people think of you. For example, when referring to the national anthem protest, you once said, “We can’t have the inmates running the prison.” I understood what you were trying to say. While I didn’t entirely agree with how it came out, I genuinely respect your lack of political correctness. Just like you are not backing down from making your players stand for the national anthem, please don’t back down from LGBT community.

Will Houston Texan’ owner get out of the Rebel Alliance?

I have studied all the 32 NFL owners, and you are the most qualified NFL owner to get the rest of the NFL to stop doing things like breaking up the traditional family and telling little kids that it is okay not to have any moral standards. Who is the least qualified NFL owner? You guessed it,Stan Kroenke (L. A. Rams). Do you think Mr. Kroenke will risk losing a couple of dollars to speak the truth about homosexuality? Making more money for the NFL is the reason why Mr. Kroenke not only left St. Louis but helped sponsor a gay pride parade in a state that is currently trying to pass a law (Assembly Bill 2943) that might lead to the Bible getting banned in America.

Do you want to redeem yourself from dropping the ball on HERO? Please consider being an “inside man” at the next owners meeting.  At first, the rest of the NFL owners won’t know that you are the one leaking the truth about the real reason why the NFL has turned its back on God and got involved in the gay rights movement. After the truth gets out, the rest of the NFL owners will blame Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam for leaking this information. Why? Because after a 0 – 16 record during the 2017 NFL season, I’m sure the NFL is looking to get rid of him and his team.

Here is a list of questions I want you to consider asking at the next NFL owners meeting: Please ask Robert Kraft (New England Patriots) why he actively supports a lifestyle that suggests kids don’t need both a mother or father raising them?  Don’t every young man deserve to have a father in their life to teach them to do things like how to throw a football? What about how young ladies need a woman in their life to show them how to become a good woman?

“Franklin Graham rips NFL’s Patriots for sponsoring ‘Gay Bowl’” – The State, May 28, 2017

The Patriots have won five Super Bowl championships under Mr. Kraft’s leadership. You can trust his advice on how to build a winning football franchise. If Mr. Kraft doesn’t believe that both a man and a woman should be raising a child, I don’t think you can trust Mr. Kraft’s advice on parenting.

Speaking of gaining trusted advice, please ask Steve Tisch (New York Giants) why he firmly believes the Bible is wrong concerning marriage being between a man and woman. If God got marriage wrong, what else does Mr. Tisch believe God got wrong? Mr. Tisch can believe the LGBT community over the God of the Bible if he wants as far as morality. Mr. Tisch listening to the LGBT community over God is just like Eli Manning taking career advice from Johnny Manziel(He partied himself out of the NFL.) rather than his brother, Peyton Manning, who is a future NFL hall of famer.

Mr. York is investing his money into telling kids that they should lower their moral standards.

Maybe, you can pull Jed York (San Francisco 49ers) to the side and ask him why he donates money to groups that are helping to push Christian values out of America. Mr. York will probably use his donations to the LGBT community as a tax write off. Yet, one day Mr. York is going to figure out that his donations are being used to teach little kids that no matter what lifestyle they want to live or no matter what gender they want to be, our society should accept whatever choices they make.

What if a 14-year girl decides to have sex with a different male or/and female every day in 2019? I’m sure Mr. York wouldn’t mind investing his hard-earned money in this particular lifestyle either. If Mr. York wants to label me a bigot for being concern about the record number of teens getting STDs, then please call me a bigot. You will never convince me that investing money into telling kids that they should lower their moral standards is a wise investment. Maybe the NFL can sponsor some STD clinics. If we are not careful as a nation, we are going to need STD clinics in almost every school in this country.

Shahid Khan, the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars once said, “You’ve got a bunch of 85-year-old guys who don’t think they’re racist, but they are racist.” Mr. Khan made this remark during the uproar about the national anthem protest. He seems like a bit of a loose cannon. We can use him to help us with our mission. After you make sure your hidden camera is on, please ask Mr. Kahn how he feels about how Black children are often disproportionately hurt by the breakdown of the traditional family. Let’s hope Mr. Khan gives us specific names this time about who he feels like is participating in racism.

While the press is busy asking Mike Brown (Cincinnati Bengals) why he didn’t hire Colin Kaepernick’s former teammate Eric Reid, you have plenty of time to ask Zygi Wilf what is going on with how he let his team the Minnesota Vikings get baited into the gay rights movement by former punter, Chris Kluwe. Please ask Mr. Wilf, if we develop a society that is entirely LGBT inclusive, wouldn’t this crush our heterosexual society? Public bathrooms and showers will be the first of many changes our society will have to make. The LGBT community won’t be happy until it is illegal to refer to someone as a male or female.

“California crazy: Calling a ‘he-she’ a ‘he’ can now get you jailed” – Washington Times, October 9, 2017

What’s going to happen when we allow the LGBT community to help to destroy gender roles? Once this nation moves to a unisex society, the consequences will be devastating. Have you noticed that men are becoming so feminized that women are having to start sending men flowers and pay all their bills to keep them satisfied in a relationship as women are becoming increasingly more masculinity?  With so many young men being emasculated these days, how many of them are going to want to play football?

Don’t bother to ask Jeffrey Lurie (Philadelphia Eagles) about his thoughts about the immoral PSA Love Has No Labels that the NFL helps to produce. He will be too busy celebrating the Super Bowl trophy his team just won. When the Eagles open the season against the Atlanta Falcons, there will be millions of people watching this game who will have a false sense of what love is. Our society has had to redefine the concept of love to justify gay marriage. Consequently, love is being reduced into a feeling. Just because someone feels like they are in love, doesn’t mean that they should get married. What is going to happen when people feel like they are in love with two or three people at the same time? I guess the Supreme Court should change the law to accommodate these people as well.

Please move on to Arizona Cardinals owner Bill Bidwill. You might want to ask Mr. Bidwill if he thinks the NFL should be publicly opposing bills like Arizona SB 1062 or sticking to football. Most likely, Bill Bidwill won’t give you a straight answer. I think Steve Bisciotti the owner of theBaltimore Ravens will at least try to give you a couple of candid responses. He seems like a decent guy. Did you know that the Ravens will reduce concession prices at M&T Bank Stadiumahead of 2018 NFL season to try to win back fans? Please ask Mr. Bisciotti if he thinks America should get back to living out the Bible with the hope of winning God’s favor back to this nation.

I would also be interested in finding out whether Miami Dolphins) believes that pride comes before a fall. The Dolphin’s owner did say, “From every aspect except the playing field, we’re probably the first-class organization in the National Football League.” This statement makes it sounds like Mr. Ross is a man full of pride.

I wonder if Daniel Snyder or the NFL cares that God can’t be pleased with some of the NFL’s policies as they try to punish players who speak out against homosexuality.

Maybe you can ask the Dolphin’s owner if he needs to humble himself before God. If he says no, maybe the thousands of empty seats at Miami Dolphins’ home games will do the trick. Whatever Mr. Ross does, please ask him to stay away from gay pride events? Why? The LGBT community’s pride might rub off on him. Yes, I think we are getting too prideful as a nation, and we need to humble ourselves before God.

“Ex-Dolphins cheerleader claims she faced discrimination after admitting being a virgin” – NBC News, April 12, 2018

Speaking of pride, if you see Daniel Snyder (Washington Redskins), you might not want to ask him about why his organization expected Redskins cheerleaders to go topless during a photo shoot or if he feels that the NFL is misusing their platform – which God has allowed them to have – to promote ungodly values. I wonder if Daniel Snyder or the NFL cares that God can’t be pleased with some of the NFL’s policies as they try to punish players who speak out against homosexuality. Mr. McNair, people who are full of pride, often don’t care what God thinks. This is the chief reason pride comes before a fall. 

I have never been a Steelers fan, but I have always liked their black uniforms. After I saw a young man walking down the street wearing a Steelers t-shirt that featured a gay pride logo on it, I wanted to call Art Rooney II. Why? Because I wonder if he understands that those t-shirts send the message: I have rejected the lifestyle God wants me to live. Could you talk with Mr. Rooney about those gay pride t-shirts? No one should be proud of rejecting God.

While Martha Ford (Detroit Loins), Virginia Halas McCaskey (Chicago Bears) and Pat Bowlen (Denver Broncos) welcome David Tepper as the new owner of the Carolina Panthers, you could pull Jim Irsay (Indianapolis Colts) into a separate room and ask him if he understands the pros and cons of legalizing gay marriage.

I hope Mr. Irsay figures out that when we started legalizing actions that the Bible calls sins, a growing number of kids started to get their moral values from popular culture. Have you heard some of the sexually explicit songs on the radio? If we are not careful, our nation is going to see so many young men sexually out of control; the #MeToo movement will become the next significant movement in this country. In the wake of the growing number of sexual predictors, now is not the time for America to disregard the Bible.

“California school district says parents can’t pull kids from new LGBT sex ed” – Life Site News, April 19, 2018

Please consider calling President Trump to help you flip the Green Bay Packers to our side. What can Trump do? He can threaten to raise taxes on cheese. Once the President makes it more expensive to wear cheese on your head, let’s see what the state of Wisconsin does then. Speaking of President Trump, Terry Pegula (Buffalo Bills) once said that he felt the NFL was “under assault” and worried whether the President would take a swipe at the league again. Now, Mr. Pegula knows how the Church feels when the NFL fights against religious liberty bills. Please ask Mr. Pegula whether he and the NFL plan to continue to take swipes at the Church.

I’m sure Mr. Paul Allen is smart enough to understand that a child can’t believe both what the Bible teaches and what the LGBT flag represents.

Here is a scenario I want you to think about before the next owners meeting: What if a parent took their child to church and then to a Seattle Seahawks’ game? While at the game, that child saw Seattle Seahawks owner Paul Allen wave a huge LGBT flag at the 50-yard line. Will that child be more influenced by what he is learning when he goes to church or what he is observing at this football game? I’m sure Mr. Allen is smart enough to understand that a child can’t believe both what the Bible teaches and what the LGBT flag represents. A society where there are no clear moral values is like playing a football game with replacement referees who don’t know the NFL Rule Book.

Here is a list of NFL owners which I think will be the most likely to help you with your mission:Amy Adams Strunk (Tennessee Titans) and Gayle Benson (New Orleans Saints). These two teams are in more conservative-leaning states. In the same vein, I think it is a waste of time trying to get Robert Wood Johnson (New York Jets) or Alex Spanos (L. A Chargers) on your side. Have you noticed that the LGBT community is helping to divide this nation?  If someone lives in a red state, they are probably tired of the LGBT community pushing traditional family values out of this great nation. If someone lives in a blue state, they are likely thankful that the LGBT community is helping America “progress” into a new era.

“Sex-change surgery regret is on the rise, leading surgeon says. Here’s why.” – The Blaze, October 4, 2017

Mr. McNair, have you noticed that a growing number of parents are teaching their children that having a sex change (transgender) is acceptable? I don’t know Bryan Glazer (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) personally, but I understand he has an excellent reputation for being a smart guy. So please save these following questions for him:

  1. I would be interested to hear his concept of God. Does he believe that God is perfect?
  2. If God is perfect, why would He suddenly start making a bunch of mistakes by putting people in the wrong type of bodies?
  3. If God created each of us with a purpose, wouldn’t it be hard to accomplish our purpose in life if we spent our lives confused about who we are?
  4. If it is true that the number one reason people kill themselves is that they never find a reason to live, does this explain why particular groups of people kill themselves more than others?
  5. Do you think it has been irresponsible for the LGBT community to blame the Church for the shame they have inside? Even if the Church started to accept homosexuality, don’t you think their sense of shame will still be there?

Mr. McNair, I know that there is a lot of league business you must discuss with other owners. For instance, I guess the plan is still to move the Oakland Raiders to Vegas for the 2020 NFL season. Can I be honest with you? Moving an NFL team to Vegas represents a big gamble. Do you want to hear an even bigger gamble? When people do not believe that there is a God or that God doesn’t care about how we live our lives. I believe there are devastating consequences if people are wrong about God.  Please ask Mark Davis (Oakland Raiders) whether he thinks the LGBT community is taking too big of a risk in living a lifestyle that God says He will judge harshly on Judgment Day?

I know I have been asking you to do a lot. Maybe you need some help? Do you know who will make you a great right-hand man? What about Clark Hunt (Kansas City Chiefs)? I don’t know much about the guy, but I do know the Chiefs have a partnership with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes that provide fans an opportunity to worship God before Chiefs’ games. While you gather info from NFL owners, maybe Mr. Hunt can get the NFL Players Union involved. There must be a couple of Christian players who understand that the NFL is helping to drive God out of our society.

“NFL Star Carson Wentz Blasted for Saying ‘the World Needs Jesus in a Bad Way’” – CBN News, October 3, 2017

After this meeting is over, and if you don’t get the right answers to your questions, you should not continue to help the NFL to rebel against God. I know several NFL owners and players who don’t support the gay rights agenda. It’s important to tell them that if they are not a part of the solution, they are part of this growing problem. So, Mr. McNair, are you on board with my plan? Let’s talk. Please feel free to contact me. My contact info can be found at I will talk to you soon!


With Thanks,

Kymo Dockett

Kymo Dockett, Founder of 2-Minutes Warning Ministries

Kymo Dockett
Kymo Dockett
Once a huge football fan, Kymo Dockett launched an awareness campaign in the summer of 2016 designed to teach the NFL the importance of traditional family values when he found out that the NFL has been fighting against religious liberty bills. Kymo Dockett is passionate about helping people see that biblical values should be the moral foundation of America.