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September 4, 2018
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September 22, 2018

Dear Arthur Blank,

It looks like the Atlanta Falcons could have another great offensive team this year. One of the reasons why Atlanta has excelled in the last couple of years on offense is that your team has great offensive talent like wide receiver, Julio Jones. It just seems like Julio was born to be a great wide receiver and Atlanta has done a tremendous job utilizing his talents.

What if Atlanta’s offensive coordinator, Steve Sarkisian suddenly asked Julio Jones to play on the offensive line? You and I both know that Atlanta wouldn’t be utilizing his talents as a football player properly. A great offensive coordinator knows how to put players in the best possible position in order to be successful. If putting the right players in the right position were one of the keys to building a good football team, why wouldn’t this be true in building a great family? The transgender community wants you to believe that America can build highly successful families with couples who are confused about their gender.

Julio Jones is a great wide receiver, but he would make a terrible offensive lineman. In the same vein, someone born a female could make a great woman, but she would make an awful man.

Just as it is not wise for Steve Sarkisian to ask Julio Jones to play on the offensive line, it is also not a bright idea for someone who was born a woman to try to father a child. It is extremely hard to become great at something that you were never created to do. God placed inside each male the qualities he would need to play the role of a great husband and father. Likewise, God has put inside each female the needed qualities to be both a great wife and mother.

If Atlanta’s offensive coordinator made decisions like asking an offensive lineman to play the role of a wide receiver and told Julio Jones to block for Atlanta’s quarterback Matt Ryan, Atlanta would lose almost every game they play. I’m about to show you what will happen if we let the transgender community continue to put people into roles that they were never designed to play.

I get the fact that there is a huge difference between genuinely creation-based and merely culturally determined traits in men and women. If we research for the differences between men and women throughout the existence of humankind, I believe we would uncover some consistent realities about gender that the transgender community wants to trick you into believing don’t exist. For example, if there were only small differences between men and women, a transgender wouldn’t need a sex change operation or hormone blockers.

There is also plenty of research that proves that there are inherent differences in how men’s and women’s brains are wired and how they work. For example, women are generally better at multitasking and have a greater sense of smell than men have. Why do women typically respond to stress and relationship break ups differently from how a man handles it? I believe it is how God designed a woman. A sex change operation can change some of the cosmetic features of a man or woman, but how a person thinks and responses in various situations are often predetermined based on the gender God gives to us at birth and that can never change.

Many transgenders are having a hard time measuring up to some of the traditional standards of what it means to be a man or woman. So, they are making up their own standards with the hope that our society will lower our standards.

It is somewhat foolish to think for example that someone who has been a woman for over 30 years can all of a sudden change in gender and effectively teach a boy how to become a man. Many in the LGBT community understands this and other realities as we watch transgender men and women having a hard time measuring up to society’s standards as far as what it means to be a man or woman is concerned. This is one major reason that the LGBT community is trying all they can to get rid of the idea that there are only two genders.

I believe transgenders want to escape society’s norms and expectations with regards to what it means to contribute to a family and our society. Once we allow the transgender community to make up gender roles, they know that the society won’t be so quick to label them as inferior spouses, parents and criticize them because they can’t do many of things men and women have traditionally been able to do.

Traditionally, for example, it has been the man’s job to protect his family because a man is usually physically stronger than a woman. The transgender community will tell you that our society has changed and so have our roles as men and women too. In their view, men no longer need to be the one whose main responsibility is to protect their family and teach a boy how to be a man.

A man having a baby is unnatural for a reason. God designed females to be the best mothers.

I believe that the transgender community is trying to build a new gender framework designed to help them feel more adequate about their limitations and fears. We know that Julio Jones is an elite wide receiver in the NFL because we can compare him to other wide receivers. If we compare a woman who is trying to turn herself into a man with other men, by society’s standards, she would most likely be labeled as a poor excuse and fragile for a man because she was not born with some of the natural abilities of a typical male.

The transgender community won’t admit that they are putting people in positions that they were never designed to be in. Their goal is to try to change the “playing field” in order to make themselves feel and look equal. A transgender man and woman will never quite measure up to God’s original design of how He created male and female.

Realizing that they could never measure up to God’s standards of what it means to be a man or woman, they are trying all they can to drag the culture down to the point that they want us all to become confused about the role of a man and woman. They know once people are confused about gender roles, we will lower our standards about what it means to be a man or woman so low that we’ll think anyone can be either a good man or woman. Their goal seems to be, if we can’t meet society’s standards, let’s try to pull them down to our extremely low standards.

Our society should never celebrate someone who was born a woman trying to be a father to a boy or someone who was born a man trying to birth a child. These types of unfortunate circumstances may appear that we are advancing as a society, but what we are really doing is regressing as we encourage people to play roles that they are not fit to play or destined to be.

About 150,000 youth (13 to 17) and 1.4 million adults (18 and older) identify as transgender in the U.S. Will they continue to help destroy the traditional family as they try to play roles that they were never designed to play?   

Understanding the problems with transgenders raising kids is one of the reasons why the LGBT community simply wants to eliminate the role of the father and mother in the society. If they could, they would eradicate traditional family as well. Traditional family reminds them of how inadequate they are in carrying out the responsibilities that come with maintaining a family and raising kids in the proper way.

Mr. Blank, you can do whatever you want with your team as far as who plays what position. Because I know you want to win, you will demand your offensive coordinator put your best players in the right position. If you want our society to thrive, why would you not demand of our society to maintain high standards in what it means to be a man or woman? It doesn’t take a great position coach to understand that the transgender community is putting people in the wrong positions.

Kymo Dockett
Kymo Dockett
Once a huge football fan, Kymo Dockett launched an awareness campaign in the summer of 2016 designed to teach the NFL the importance of traditional family values when he found out that the NFL has been fighting against religious liberty bills. Kymo Dockett is passionate about helping people see that biblical values should be the moral foundation of America.