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July 31, 2018
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July 31, 2018

Dear Rodger Goodell,

Don’t you think it is odd that I attempted to warn you back in 2016 in my book God vs. The NFL that the NFL would collapse in 2018? There must be at least a small part of you that knows I’m right about God being upset at those who are pushing biblical values out of America. You can blame Colin Kaepernick for the downfall of the NFL. Yet, as the commissioner of the NFL, you were the one who was trying so hard to conquer Godly values instead of focusing on building the NFL.

“Roger Goodell’s Priorities Are ALL WRONG!” – The Jewish Press, September 27, 2017

I believe the national anthem protest is simply a “chess pawn” God has been using to get the NFL’s attention. I hope that now that God has your attention, what can we learn as we watch the NFL collapse? Below is a list of seven things you might want to take note of as we witness God use the NFL to warn His adversaries.

1 Please don’t think that God has not been watching you help push His values out of this nation.

It is possible that you think because the NFL has prospered over the years that God doesn’t mind the NFL promoting an ungodly lifestyle. Prosperity is not a sign of God’s approval. Most of the time, success is a byproduct of hard work and good decision-making. Over the years, the NFL has worked hard and made many quality decisions. However, gaining wealth can often blind people to their need for God.


Roger Goodell, I don’t want you to fool yourself into thinking that God has been cheering for His favorite NFL teams on Sundays and not paying attention to what the NFL has been doing for the rest of the week.

As we watch some of the wealthiest people in our society turn their back on God and continue to prosper, it can be easy to assume that God is not concern about the choices we make. Because I understand the harsh consequences prepared for those who reject God, I realize how critical it is to warn the LGBT community and their allies.

Please don’t be misled Mr. Goodell; God could punish those who are rebelling against Him. He probably won’t at this point. Why? We all once were rebels. God gives each of us a chance to submit our lives to Him and follow His ways. I don’t want you to fool yourself into thinking that God has been cheering for His favorite NFL teams on Sundays and not paying attention to what the NFL has been doing for the rest of the week. Eventually, God’s warnings will cease, and all who oppose God’s kingdom will feel His wrath.

2. At the end of our lives, it is what we did for God that will ultimately matter.

Roger Goodell, you have made a lot of money for the NFL owners. The NFL made an estimated $14 billion in 2017, which is a $6 billion increase from 2010 when the NFL racked up $8 billion. You can be proud of the money you have helped the NFL generate. However, please don’t forget to be grateful that God has allowed you to attain that level of success. God has done a lot for you, but what have you done for God?

“The Anthem Policy: Another Signature Moment for Roger Goodell and the Blundering NFL” – Sports Illustrated, May 24, 2018

This national anthem fiasco could give you a chance to re-evaluate your priorities. For example, do you think that trying to take Christians’ right to freedom of speech away is wise at this point? As you watch the NFL struggle, know that God is not punishing you, but He is reaching out to you. God has not allowed you to become the commissioner of the NFL so you can fight against religious liberty bills. This is one reason why God is currently trying to redirect your life.

Over the last couple of years, I have watched you, trying to push Christian values out of our society. Please help me understand why you feel it is right to help take rights away from the Church. My guess is that you are relying on the fact that you think there is no God, or you think God won’t punish you for your actions. Roger Goodell, there is a God and is upset that you are messing with His Church. If I were you, I would back off from going to war against the God of the Bible before His grace runs out.

3. There is still time to redeem yourself.

As the NFL commissioner, you have messed up many times. For example, you initially suspended Ray Rice for just two games even enough Mr. Rice knocked out his wife. This mistake must have cost you years of stress as many fans tried to pressure you into resigning. I also think how you poorly handled the CTE crisis in the NFL will haunt you for the rest of your life. If you reject the opportunity to turn your heart towards God, you will regret this decision for the rest of eternity. God will not issue you some soft punishment for your role in helping to push His values out of America.

“Roger Goodell downplays CTE study, say NFL players getting healthier” – weei.com, August 1, 2017

I’m not sure how history would remember you, Roger Goodell, but I do know that if you reject Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, God will never forget how you used the NFL to influence football fans to reject His ways. Let me make something clear one more time: The LGBT community is using you and the NFL to help push Christian values out of our society. God wants to use you to help convince this nation that biblical values should be the foundation of this nation. I’m not here to judge you, but I’m here to help you see that we all need a relationship with God.

Please consider helping me to persuade the rest of the Rebel Alliance to stop trying to overthrow the God of the Bible. If we work together, we could convince hundreds of businesses to stop trying to push God out of our society. You can’t change what you have done in the past that has offended God. However, there is still time for you to redeem yourself.

4. God wants your respect.

Mr. Goodell, you once said, “I don’t expect to try to get people to like everything I do, I want them to respect what I do.” You might not agree with God’s perspective on marriage or that God only created two genders, but God wants you to respect His choices in the same way you want people to respect yours as the commissioner over the NFL. Have you forgotten that God is the commissioner of this planet? God’s handbook is the Bible. When you ran down to North Carolina to help fight the bill HB2 and endorsed other laws design to further the homosexual agenda, God felted disrespected. You might not agree with everything God does, but God is currently asking you for your respect.

5. The God of the Bible is a forgiving God.

If you steal from a mob crime boss, the mob will likely try to kill you. If you try to limit the rights of God’s Church, God will try to convert you to His side. Mr. Goodell, I understand the pressure you are under to support the LGBT community. But I need to tell you the truth: This might be your final warning from God before He makes you pay for your actions. God will most likely do more to you than break one of your kneecaps if you keep messing with His Church and don’t join His side.

Roger Goodell, I don’t know whether you were ever meant to be the NFL commissioner. I do know that you were never meant to be a member of the Rebel Alliance. Since you are the commissioner of the NFL, it is your choice to use your position to push God out of our society or to serve God’s purposes.

God had made the first move when He sent His Son to die for you. Now it is your turn to make a move towards God. No matter how many times you have disappointed God, He won’t hold your past against you if you surrender your life to Him. Please consider trying God; it would be the best decision you have ever made.

6. Our choices have consequences.

I don’t know whether you were ever meant to be the NFL commissioner. I do know that you were never meant to be a member of the Rebel Alliance. Since you are the commissioner of the NFL, it is your choice to use your position to push God out of our society or to serve God’s purposes. Never lie to yourself and claim you love God if you are not willing to take the Bible seriously. We all have told ourselves at some point that we love God, but our actions didn’t match.

“How ten years of Roger Goodell as NFL commissioner has transformed league and shaped his legacy” – New York Daily News, October 9, 2016

Should the NFL become a Christian organization? I’m not promoting this idea. What I’m suggesting is that the NFL shouldn’t become an anti – Christian organization. For example, if two NFL players want to have Bible study and prayer before a game in the locker room and this offends the LGBT community, which side would you take? I don’t want you to deceive yourself Mr. Goodell; there are consequences if you keep picking the wrong side.

7. God is trying to make Himself known to you.

Each day God reveals Himself to us in many ways. However, it can be easy to pay little attention to this incredible God. The collapse of the NFL not only helps to prove that there is a God but also demonstrates how desperate this God wants a relationship with you Roger Goodell. When you lay up in the middle of the night concern about things like Super Bowl TV ratings and NFL quarterbacks getting hurt, God is right there with you. God cares so much about you that He is currently doing some extraordinary things to get your attention.

Mr. Goodell, not only is God real, but I believe His promises in the Bible are real, including John 3:16. You will never know that God is real if you don’t try to engage Him in a relationship. God doesn’t force Himself on anyone. As marriage is often between two willing participates, so is a relationship with God. God is willing to have a relationship with you. The question is; are you willing to have a relationship with Him?

The Applause of Men?

Roger Goodell, please be careful that you don’t live for the applause of men. People will love you one moment and hate you the next. God loves always. His love also corrects us when we are wrong. God currently loves you as He wants you to turn in your Rebel Alliance membership. How you respond to God’s warning will determine how much you love God.

“NFL to sponsor a float in New York City Pride March” – NBC Sports, June 1, 2018

If you love God, you need to accept persecution for loving Him. If you help me take down the Rebel Alliance, the LGBT community will boo you and so will their allies. Not only that, the Rebel Alliance will suddenly become your worse adversary as they will consider you a bigot. Whatever you do, don’t allow the One who made you boo your life. If you help me take down the Rebel Alliance, God will give you a standing ovation. If you choose to be a part of the Rebel Alliance even after God has been trying to get your attention as we watch the NFL collapse, your life deserves to be booed.

With Thanks,

Kymo Dockett

Kymo Dockett, Founder of 2-Minutes Warning Ministries

Kymo Dockett
Kymo Dockett
Once a huge football fan, Kymo Dockett launched an awareness campaign in the summer of 2016 designed to teach the NFL the importance of traditional family values when he found out that the NFL has been fighting against religious liberty bills. Kymo Dockett is passionate about helping people see that biblical values should be the moral foundation of America.