The Real Bullies?
October 6, 2018
Reinventing the Rooney Rule?
October 6, 2018

Dear Robert Kraft,

I’m sure you know that some people usually get tired of seeing the New England Patriots go to the Super Bowl almost every year? It seems like the secret of the Patriot’s success is the reason why your team approaches almost every game like they are the underdog. It’s incredible that the Patriots probably have not changed the way they see themselves even after years of consistent winning. Speaking of underdogs, did you know that many people in our society look at the LGBT community as being a group of underdogs?

One of the reasons the LGBT community keeps winning special rights is that they have done a great job at painting themselves as underdogs and also by getting their members to see themselves with a “me-against-the-world mentality.” The LGBT community has successfully used their past pain and ongoing problems to convince themselves and their allies that they are currently being victimized by people in our society who disagree with their lifestyle.

How we see ourselves is critical to our success in life. I believe a big part of the Patriot’s success is that they look at themselves as underdogs.

One thing I have learned over the years is that there is a big difference between being an underdog and a person who sees himself as a victim. An underdog views himself as one who has a huge task to overcome greater odds than the typical person to achieve their goals. A victim sees himself as being oppressed and needs his “oppressors” to change in order to achieve their aim and purpose in life. Meanwhile, as the person with the victim’s mentality plays the blame game, the underdog focuses on improving himself so he can win.

I believe the LGBT community is encouraging most of their members to see themselves as victims. How do I know about all this?  I believe the LGBT community is teaching their members to take less and less personal responsibility for their actions as they learn how to expect more from others. The downside in pointing the finger at others for their problems is that even if a member of the LGBT community makes a set of irresponsible decisions, many of them are being conditioned not to take little responsibility for the consequences they may reap from their choices.

As our society listens to people crying for more privileges, we are enabling an entitlement mindset that is slowly destroying our society. Pretty soon, homosexuals will feel entitled to jobs and other opportunities that they have never worked for because of the hardship that they went through in the past.

I have no problem with someone holding our society more accountable, especially if our society have been wrong in the way they are currently treating certain groups of people. I do have a problem with groups like the LGBT community who fail to keep themselves accountable as they constantly look to blame other people for their poor choices. For example, whose fault is it that a great number of homosexuals are up with STDs? The LGBT community will try to blame people they consider as bigots. One of the problems with participating in the blame game is that the blamers (LGBT community) never learn to properly correct the bad choices they made that are gradually wrecking and destroying their lives.

The more rights you give someone who has a victim’s mentality, the more entitled they will become as they care less for their actions. For example, if the Patriot’s offensive line is having problems blocking for their quarterback Tom Brady, the coaching staff can either expect more from them, or they can try to get the NFL to change their rules so that the defense won’t hit the quarterback. If they elect not to expect more from the players, the players will begin to expect less from themselves as they expect more help from the league office as well.

Instead of playing the hand we were dealt in life, we are learning to play on people’s emotions to give us what we want. If we don’t get what we want, we often play the race, gender and whatever “card” groups like the LGBT community can play to get their way. In the process, we are becoming softer, sensitive and passive as far as how not only we approach our different challenges, but how we approach life as well. Victims expect more from others in difficult situations while strong people look to themselves.

Despite making up a small fraction of the population, men who have sex with men account for more than half of all new cases of HIV each year. The LGBT community is partly blaming this problem and others on institutions like the Church instead of their lifestyle choices.

Over the years, I have rarely experienced the Patriots giving a bunch of excuses when they lose a game. Underdogs, point the finger at themselves when things don’t go as planned. Yes, the Patriots have been victims to some bad officiating and injuries to their key players during some games. We all have been victims of some bad breaks or people’s bad choices. Just because the LGBT community might have been victims of poor treatment in the past and maybe some in the future, this doesn’t mean that they have to go through life seeing themselves as victims. What we need are more underdog stories.

Kymo Dockett
Kymo Dockett
Once a huge football fan, Kymo Dockett launched an awareness campaign in the summer of 2016 designed to teach the NFL the importance of traditional family values when he found out that the NFL has been fighting against religious liberty bills. Kymo Dockett is passionate about helping people see that biblical values should be the moral foundation of America.